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          GCSE Results Day

          GCSE Results day is Thursday 20 August

          To minimise the number of students we have on site at any one time we have allocated staggered time slots for the collection of GCSE Results, please see below for these time slots:

          YEAR 11

          9am- 11A & 11B

          9.30am- 11C & 11E

          10am- 11H & 11W

          YEAR 10

          11am- 10A & 10B

          11.30am- 10C & 10E

          12pm- 10H & 10W

          Students should enter the site by the main gate and once on site follow the one way system, while on site students should adhere to the social distancing measures that are in place. Students will be directed to collection point and once they have their results make their way to the school field.

          Only students will be allowed to enter the school site and we would ask that friends or family do not accompany their son to the school on this day. We understand this is a stressful time and you would want to support your son; however, we must prioritise the safety of them and the staff.

          Thank you and good luck!

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