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          Access Provider Policy - Careers Provision

          Provider Access Policy

          Should you wish to contact the school about any aspect of the careers programme, please e-mail the Careers Lead Mrs S King, Assistant Headteacher on admin@beths.bexley.sch.uk


          Careers Access provision - by Year group


          Year 7

          Enterprise activity: Innovation Challenge - 'Suits You Sir’


          My Bnk Money Matters – Money Twist



          Year 8

          PHSCE Psychometric Test – Kudos


          iCould – Buzz Quiz




          Enterprise activity: My Bnk Money Matters – Money Twist


          University Inspiration Experience


          Enterprise activity: ‘Rollercoaster Theme Park Challenge’


          UKMT Junior Maths Challenge



          Year 9

          PHSCE Psychometric Test – Kudos


          GCSE Options Evening


          MyBnk – Money Matters


          Careers information, options and guidance (PHSCE)


          World of Work: Stock Market Challenge


          Careers/university resources


          Year 9 to 10 transition information & guidance



          Year 10

          PHSCE – Self Awareness


          VESPA - study skills


          Innovative Enterprise


          Year 10 to 11 transition advice & guidance


          Bank of England visit


          UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge


          WEX prep: CV building and applications


          WEX Prep: Employability skills



          Year 11

          CEIAG Questionnaire


          Decision Making – one-to-one interviews


          CEIAG/Prospects Career Interviews (targeted)


          Year 11 to 12 transition advice 7 guidance


          Employability/Skills Day


          Introduction to Indigo


          Science Live (Dept lead)


          University visits


          Russell Group Universities Information Evening


          Work Experience (two weeks)



          Year 12

          CEIAG Questionnaire


          University & careers focused assemblies


          CEIAG/Prospects Career Interviews (targeted)


          Personal statement writing – Optimising Futures


          UCAS preparation and planning


          Access to Indigo


          Higher Education & Careers Day (CEIAG focus)


          Higher Education & Careers Evening (fair)


          London UCAS convention – ExCel Centre


          Skills London – ExCel Centre


          Access to - Employability Day


          Internships (Work Experience week)


          University visits and open days


          Taster programmes (Higher Education)


          Reading Scholars Programme


          Bank of England visit (Dept lead)


          Bar Mock trials and Law society visit (Dept lead)


          Top Universities Information Evening


          Maths Fest (Dept lead)


          ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive’ performance – Greenwich Theatre



          Year 13

          CIAG Questionnaire


          CEIAG/Prospects Career Interviews (targeted)


          University & careers focused assemblies


          Bar Mock trials and Law society visit (Dept lead)


          Science Live (Dept lead)


          UKMT Senior Maths Challenge


          UCAS ‘Next Steps’ Evening

          Alumni and Community contacts

          We are proud of the strong links we have with our alumni, and of their willingness to return to school to share their career journeys in order to inspire the students of today. We are also proud of the excellent connections we have established with local and national employers, many of whom support our Higher Education and Careers day in July every year.

          We are keen that current students continue to benefit as much as possible from contacts within our wider community and as such, we are always looking for ways to develop this side of our programme further still. We would therefore welcome any contact from alumni, parents or employers about ways they can support our students.

          In addition to the above, our students benefit from ad hoc talks and one off careers provision as they present throughout the academic year.

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